Enchant Christmas Improves Company Productivity with Consule Solutions and NetSuite

Consule Solutions has been an integral part of helping us transition to NetSuite. It has been great working with them and they delivered on key issues in short timelines to help ensure our systems were working efficiently for our business. They have been very dependable and a pleasure to work with!
Beau Eshleman

Business Use Case

Enchant Christmas had to manually record financial transactions by getting data from multiple systems, leading to a lot of manual work. Additionally, they lacked an automated intercompany process, leading to further manual work and room for errors. They had a manual purchasing and sales process. Analytics reports were also created manually, further adding to the workload.

Recording ticket sales manually by getting data from the ticketing system Ticketure was another challenge. Managing inventory, both consumable and selling, was also difficult, leading to inefficiencies and errors. Finally, sales from Shopify had to be recorded manually, leading to more manual work and errors.


To address these challenges, we implemented several solutions for Enchant Christmas. We first implemented a defined process for purchasing and sales. This helped streamline these processes. We also implemented an automated intercompany solution to record intercompany transactions, reducing manual work and errors.

We integrated Shopify with NetSuite using the Farapp connector, which allowed for automated maintenance of inventory and recording Shopify sales directly in NetSuite. This eliminated the need for manual recording of sales from Shopify. We also integrated the ticketing system Ticketure with NetSuite to automate the recording of ticket sales in NetSuite. This eliminated the need for manual recording of ticket sales, further reducing manual work and errors.

To further streamline the process, we migrated one year’s worth of historical financial data along with intercompany transactions. This helped ensure the consistency and accuracy of financial data. Finally, we provided training to the core team on NetSuite processes, enabling them to use the new processes efficiently. We also connected the bank with NetSuite using ABSI for automated bank feeds into NetSuite, further reducing manual work and errors.


Overall, the implementation of these solutions helped Enchant Christmas streamline their financial processes and reduce manual work and errors. They now have defined processes for purchasing and sales, automated intercompany solutions, and automated recording of sales from Shopify and Ticketure. This has led to increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in their financial processes.

Enchant Christmas are creators of the World’s Most Magical Christmas Light Maze and Markets. They are an experienced company, but that’s not all they are. They are artists, designers, and operators from around the world that curate every aspect of the experience — from guest services to innovative technology, to food & beverage, artisan marketplaces, and special events and they’ve become experts in helping their guests make truly magical memories.

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