NetSuite Analytics Workbooks: Unlocking the Power of Your Business Data

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  • Jan 25, 2023
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NetSuite is a powerful business management software that can help you manage everything from financials and inventory to customer relationships and e-commerce. One of the most powerful features of NetSuite is its analytics capabilities, which allow you to gain valuable insights into your business data. In this blog post, we will explore the NetSuite Analytics Workbooks feature and how it can help you make better-informed business decisions.

Key Features

The custom comparative Income Statement and Balance Sheet was built by keeping in mind to not break the structure of financial sections provided by NetSuite:

  • Connect to multiple data sources within NetSuite: SuiteAnalytics Workbooks allows users to connect to a wide range of data sources within NetSuite, including financial data, sales data, and customer data. This allows businesses to create reports and dashboards that combine data from different areas of the business, giving them a more comprehensive view of their operations.
  • Create custom calculations and formulas: The tool enables users to create custom calculations and formulas that are specific to their business. This allows businesses to create metrics and calculations that are relevant to their business and create reports and dashboards that provide more meaningful insights into the business.
  • Wide range of visualization options: NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Workbooks offers a wide range of visualization options, including charts, tables, and maps. This allows users to create reports and dashboards that are easy to understand and visually appealing. The visual representation of data helps users to quickly identify trends, outliers and anomalies, which in turn helps them to make better and faster decisions.
  • Customizable and easy to use: The tool is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the reports and dashboards to their specific needs. Additionally, the user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.


  • Comprehensive view of business operations: With the ability to connect to multiple data sources, businesses can gain a more comprehensive view of their operations and identify trends and patterns that would be difficult to detect otherwise.
  • Customized metrics and calculations: Custom calculations and formulas allow businesses to create metrics and calculations that are specific to their business, providing more meaningful insights into the business.
  • Improved decision-making: The visual representation of data, combined with real-time access to accurate and relevant data, allows businesses to quickly identify trends and opportunities, and make informed decisions that drive growth and improve performance.
  • Easy to use: The tool is highly customizable and easy to use, allowing businesses to quickly and easily gain insights into their data without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
  • Optimise Dashboard: Optimise the dashboard by adding the analytics reports directly on your dashboard so you can easily access them.

Workbooks That Have Helped Our Clients

Following are the examples of workbooks created by our team which have helped our clients extensively.

Comparative Analysis Based on Month:

  • This Workbook provides an overview of the accounts for a period of time frame, making it easy for the business to make critical decisions.
  • Keeps a track of daily activities, allowing the business to monitor and make necessary adjustments if there is a sudden spike in the graph.
  • Gives an overall analysis of sales accounts, making it handy along with other financial data

Inbound Inventory Analysis:

  • Inbound Inventory analysis workbook helps users fetch needed information about inventory which are Inbound and Pending to be shipped from Vendors.
  • This Custom report provides a visual representation of the data, helping users gain insight into inbound Inventory data.
  • Better-informed decisions can be made about managing inventory with the use of this workbook.
  • Customers can be kept informed on when the inventory will be available.

NetSuite Analytics Workbooks is a powerful feature that can help you unlock the power of your business data. It is a user-friendly interface that is useful for non-technical users to create reports as per their requirements. With the ability to create custom reports, add filters, and drill-down capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into your business data and make better-informed business decisions.

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